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General informations: The salient characters of the city go up again to epoch sannitica, when Pompeii was endowed with a mighty fortification with doors and towers, for a perimeter of 3 kms around, datable beginning from the VIsec. to.C.; subsequently the surrounded primitive was more times restored and strengthened; in Roman imperial age some lines were for lasciar set to residences dejected of it, while the doors were opened and you suit for the traffic (Porta Marina, Ercolano brings). After the italic period the urban fabric in Pompeii received more properly, orientations and influences of the Hellenistic architecture; its aspect in the first century of the empire appeared pompous, rich of unusual decorum of the ornamentation of the public and private buildings. The retrieval of such urban area has offered us after all the most extraordinary documentation on the structures and the techniques used in the antiquity; the materials employees vary from it washes her/it tender to it washes her/it trachitica, together with the tufo coming from the caves of Nocera; of breadth use was the mortar mixed to the pozzolana in the technique of the work to sack and of the work reticolata; the marble appears instead reserved to ninfei and fountains, or to the flooring and the coverings of the ladylike abodes. The division in districts, handed down by the age sannitica, you/he/she has been reconstructed through the registrations to us reached; the constitution of suburban villages there is known, due to the terrestrial and maritime trafficis; I/you/they have been shown the pipelines coming from the so-called castle of the waters where the water mass met derived from the aqueduct of the Serino, as well as the pillars elevators and the basins of the fountains, usually a great deal simple, sets to the intersections of the streets.

The principal place of conference in the city was the Hole, situated in the western zone, on a level area, that once had been center of the market; during the catastrophe he/she introduced a grandiose aspect, encircled around by porticos all for a perimeter of 142×38 ms; on one of the smaller sides it was the Capitolium or temple of Jupiter and the Triad Capitolina; it had a tall platform, columns Corinthian and ample pronao; in the cell a colossal torso of the god has been recovered, damaged by the earthquake. Of forehead was the curia; on the plaza they lined up besides him the building of the building ones, the basilica, for the administration of the justice, the temple of Apollo, the covered market, the public larario, the temple of Urinal, the building of Eumachia (shop for the workmanship of the wool that he/she took name from the owner), and finally the Comitium, for the elections of the judges; two triumphal arcs, to the sides of the Capitolium, they were of access to the plaza, adorned by the statues in bronze and in marble of the emperors and the most illustrious citizens; such sculptures were already partly destroyed following the earthquake of the year 63. The basilica, to rectangular (55×24 ms) plant and uniform in three aisles, of which that central, sopraelevata on the side ones, allowed the illumination the tall one through a series of windows, you/he/she has been dated around halves the IIsec. to.C.; introduces on the fund an interesting sample of tribunal on platform, today partly reconstructed.

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