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General informations: Positano, common of Campania (prov. Salerno), to 20 ms of halt. on the Coastal Amalfitana; 8,53 km²s; 3.795 abs. (Positanesi). Climatic, tourist and bathing (nautical sport) station, among the more you frequent of the Coastal Amalfitana with flourishing hotel industry. Production of artistic ceramics. Agriculture (wine, olives, fruit)). Fishing. The inhabited area is prepared to balconies on the steep slant of the Common (877 ms) Mountain, in picturesque way a great deal in a small well sheltered (I bring for tourism boats) cove. It has houses to cubic form, often with the characteristic portichettis on the before, and narrow roads, inerpicantisi windingly, often to stairway. Bella the parish one of the assumed one, from the dome maiolicata containing a Circumcision of F. Santafede, of 1599 and a valuable Byzantine table; the bell tower, isolated, it brings inserted an interesting bas-relief of the XIII sec. Near the parish one, rests of a great Roman villa.

. St. According to a tradition not historically verified you/he/she would have been founded from fugitive of Paestum, escaped to the Saracens around a Benedictine abbey devoted Vito to san and already existing in place. It is certain however that the center (denominated they Crush or Pesitano) was in the tall medioevo feud of the aforesaid abbey up to the X sec., when it autonomously held up him devoting himself/herself/itself to the maritime trafficis in competition with the same Amalfi. After the Norman conquest (second halves the XI sec.) it progressively decayed and later it became possession of various Neapolitan patrician families.

In complex it prevails, kind on the coast band, the centralized population, while only a seventh of the inhabitants lives in shed abodes in the countries. Second among the Italian regions, after the Lombardy, for number of inhabitants, and before for density (425 abs. for km² against 375 in Lombardy and a national average of 190), Campania is also to the first place for the rate of natural demografic development, with a 12,5 birth-rate (1995) quotient. (national average 9,1.), a 7,8 mortality quotient. (national average 9,5.) and therefore a very superior active sale to the national average; the quotient of nuzialità is of 6. (national average 4,9.). Despite the strong emigration (according to some calculations, over 800.000 people you/they have left Campania to move in other regions or to the foreign countries to the only period intercensuario 1951-1971), the population of the region has passed since 8 ,22% of that national in 1921 to 9,15% in 1951, to 9,88% at the end of 1985 and to 10,6% at the end of 1995. In the last censuses they have been recorded the followings data: 4.760.759 abs. in 1961; 5.059.348 in 1971, with a 6,3% increase; 5.463.134 in 1981, with a 8% increase; 5.630.280 in 1991 with a 3,5% increase.

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