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General informations: Pompèi, common of Campania (prov. Naples), to 12 ms of halt. to the southern strata of the Vesuvius, to 25 kms from Naples; 12,41 km²s; 26.241 abs. (Pompeiani). Episcopalian (prelatura) center. I center religious and tourist, Pompeii essentially lives of the I introduce of the pilgrims and of the tourists, recalled from the sanctuary, destination of thick pilgrimages (particularly in May and October), from the charm of the ancient city dissepolta and from the source idrotermale (cold water bicarbonatoalcalina). Besides the tourist-hotel industry, active they are in Pompeii the textile (wrappings) industry, paper, printing, to feed (biscuits, alimentary pastas), of the manufacture of sacred objects and oggettini - memory, tobaccos' manufacture. The surrounding territory, it produces vegetables, grape, fruit, tobacco. . In fraction Pompeii Digs (16 ms of halt.; 644 abs.), annual artistic demonstrations and classical shows, during the summer season, in the Great Theater.

The modern city developed him with the name of Valley in Pompeii (in the plain one then marshy and unhealthy, infested by the brigands and abandoned to the ruins) near the ancient city destroyed from the Vesuvius, around the founded sanctuary May 8 th 1876 from the servant of God lawyer Bartolo Longo, to guard reveres her/it image of the Madonna of the Rosary. Connected to the sanctuary, finished in 1891, widened in 1933-1939, they are various relief institutes (hospices, orphanages, etc.). For the scientific observation of the activity of the Vesuvius, the observatory they rise in Pompeii geodinamico and the important observatory vesuviano.

. St. Founded by the Oscis in a position of notable strategic and commercial importance near the mouth of the Sarno, Pompeii suffered well soon the influence of the Hellenic colonies disseminated along the coast and, it probably fell under the dominion of Cuma, from which the Etruschis removed her/it, that however to them it turns, they probably lost her/it after the 474 defeat, to.C. Toward the end of the V sec. to.C. you/he/she was finally occupied by the Sannitis. It crossed therefore a long period of great prosperity, thanks to the development of the agriculture, of the commerce and of the craftsmanship; from the artistic and cultural point of view it was, as in the time, more and more open to the influences of the Hellenism. It actively participated in the social war, during which was besieged by Silla and it also the Roman citizen got at the end of the conflict, but in the 80 you/he/she was forced to welcome a colony of veterans driven by Publio Cornelio Silla (Colony Veneria Cornelia Pompeianorum). The process of romanizzazione, developed him until then in limited measure, it became a great deal more express and vast, without besides destroying entirely the italic characters of the city, whose native population, after the initial contrasts, he/she lived in good harmony close to the Roman farmers. On February 5, of the 63 d.C.Pompeii, that counted then 20.000 abs. around, it was devastated from an earthquake and you/he/she had not been yet completely reconstructed when, the 24 August of 79, you/he/she was suddenly destroyed by an eruption of the Vesuvius, that often buried her/it under one layer of ashes and lapilli. During the catastrophe in which you/they perished a great deal more than the 2.000 abs. whose rests have come to the light during the excavations, Pompeii he/she intensely introduced the characters of a commercial city, whose florid economy founded him both on the agricultural (wheat, oil, wine) production, both on that industrialist, and on the active maritime trafficis.

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